Dear Sir Madam:

The North Eastern Ontario Public Works Organization is hosting its annual meeting
on Wednesday,April 15,2015, at the McIntyre Arena (Curling Club)in Timmins. As in past
years, we are expecting over a 100 people: Road Superintendents, Road Foreman and Supervisors
from as far as Hearst and Moosonee to the North, Temagami to the South Greenstone and
Manitouwadge to the West and Kirkland Lake to the East.

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Message From the Chair


Chairpersons Message

On behalf of the NEOPWO directors, I would like to welcome all the organization members, suppliers and visitors to our Web site.

For nearly three decades, public works and supplier representatives have come together to provide the leadership and direction for the North-Eastern Ontario Public Works Organization with a goal to improve the role of the organization by encouraging municipalities, suppliers, provincial ministries and other organizations to participate.

We continue to work towards bringing communities together, with low cost networking opportunities, training for our members, an effective network of communication and the annual truck rodeo to promote safe driving and operating practices.

We look forward to what we believe is our 30th Annual Meeting and Trade Show in April 2015 as well as the Fall Session which are dedicated to further educate municipal workers on new topics of interest, health & safety issues and presentations of new and innovative products by suppliers.

As with most groups, the strength of this organization is truly our members and the support that they receive from their employers is greatly appreciated. To become a member or to ensure that you remain a member-in-good-standing please consider submitting your membership fee as soon as possible. Not only will you belong to a “made in the north, for the north” group but you also receive a membership to the Association of Ontario Road Supervisors and receive all of their information.

We also encourage all NEOPWO members to submit articles of interest for the Web site with pictures, of projects completed, new equipment purchased, equipment for sale and innovative technologies that could interest all the members.

Douglas Walsh


Road Supervisor Training

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NEOPWO ANNUAL TRUCK RODEO 2014 Moonbeam, Ontario June 19th 2014

Annual Truck Rodeo


Hi everyone, Please don’t store your snow plows just yet. It’s not that we want more snow,

but we have to get ready for the Annual NEOPWO Truck Roadeo, to be held in Moonbeam

on Thursday June 19th .

Here is the program for the day:

9:00-10:00 am               Registration, Instructions and Coffee

10:00- 12:00                   Roadeo Competitions

12:00- 12:45                    Barbecue lunch

12:45- 3:00                      Roadeo competitions

3:00 – 3:30                     Top Driver announced and Prizes

We would encourage all municipalities to participate as this is a great learning experience

and you get to meet your fellow workers.

For those who want to send your drivers to a practice run in Moonbeam, we will have the

layout for the competition set up on June 16th . The practice runs will start at 9 am and

completed by noon. The municipal garage is just off Hwy 11 and can be seen at the East

end of the municipality.

Last year’s winner was Luc Boissoneault, from Moonbeam, who surprised many, as

this was his second run at it.

Registration is Free. All you have to do is fill in the registration forms from our

web site at http://www.neopwo.ca/  and send it to me. Municipalities are allowed to send 2 drivers each.

Please send registrations in by no later than June 12th.

See you there


NEOPWO General Manager’s Meeting

Hello all,  I hope every one is managing the cold winter this year and a late start to spring. As you know our annual manager’s meeting and trade show is fast approaching so put in your calendars April 15th (Cedar Meadows) and Annual Conference MacIntyre Curling on April 16th in Timmins.

Please note that in order to participate in the conference, your municipality must be a member of NEOPWO and you must have paid your annual membership before the registration of any delegates at the conference.

I have attached all the necessary registration forms for both the Manager’s meeting and the AnnualConference, along with the Agendas. Please register as soon as possible,as again this year we have many guest speakers, suppliers, consultants, contractors and you will have the opportunity to learn new skills and be at the forefront of new technology.

You will also find attached an invitation letter to your Council to invite the CAO’s or their representative, along with one member of Council, to attend the manager’s meeting on Tuesday April 15th.

please forward letter to CAO or clerk to be present at your next Council meeting

The Registration is Free,   Hope to See You There

Thanks You,

Mike Kearns, NEOPWO Chairman




Dear Sir/Madam:

The North Eastern Ontario Public Works Organization is hosting its annual meeting onWednesday, April 16, 2014, at the McIntyre Arena (Curling Club) in Timmins. As in past years, we are expecting over 100 people: Road Superintendents, Road Foremen and Supervisors from as far as Hearst and Moosonee to the North,  Temagami to the South, Greenstone and Manitouwadge to the West and Kirkland Lake to the East.

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Download the registration forms for Delegates and Booths:




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NEOPWO Membership Fees 2014

Dear Madam/Sir:                                                                                January 20,2014

This  letter is regarding your 2014 NEOPWO Membership:

Download the registration form below.



The CRS program is widely recognized and highly successful. Over 1300 designations have been awarded to Road Supervisors throughout Ontario. A combination of education, experience, and continuing professional development is required to earn the credential.

If you are an employee within the public sector hired to supervise core infrastructure/road related duties, you may make application to the AORS Certification Board for the CRS designation.

Eligibility for the CRS certification program has been broadened from municipal employees to public sector employees or
contracted individuals (i.e. area maintenance contractors) who supervise road-related duties. This change acknowledges the alternative core infrastructure service delivery approaches taken by municipalities, the province and related government agencies.

Download the registration form and quick guide below:



Winter Maintenance Training Registration Form 13


Be Prepared For Snow & Ice
What will be covered in the 2-day training course ?
Level of Service / Minimum Maintenance Standards (MMS)
As a result of a collision on a road in a municipality the level of service was challenged.
We will discuss what happened, was anything missed or overlooked? Were they at fault?
What risk management procedures could they have put into place? What can we learn from this?
Plowing Techniques
What concerns do you have about plowing? What is your policy for plowing a cul-de-sac or traffic circle?
How do you position your turn-around?
We will discuss the issues, the hazards and some techniques.  One-person plowing? What needs to be in place?
Direct Liquid Application, Salt, Sand, Prewet, Brine
What are you using?  What is effective? What is not? We will discuss salt reduction techniques using actual scenarios.
Winter Weather Monitoring
The hot topic for the winter!  We will talk about what is important to know and how to document it properly.
Patrolling your representative roads, and documenting what you see.  Ride with a patroller.
Policies, Plans and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)
What is the difference between a policy, plan and an SOP?  What information should be
included and why?  These questions will be answered through discussion and real life examples.
Code of Practice
Does winter maintenance have an effect on the environment? You bet it does!  We’ll look at what is affected and what
Environment Canada has to say about it.
Pre and Post Planning
What is pre and post planning and who does it?  It is even necessary?  Find out why it is so important to create a plan to
do it and how to create it.
Note: This course will be presented in a synergetic learning format